Testimonials for The Wrong Side of the Bed

The Wrong Side of the Bed by William Guiffre is a delightful story that young and old can relate to. My grandchildren have read the book so many times they can now read the story almost without looking! It’s a great beginning reader.”
Barbara Quinn-Anderson, third grade teacher for 17 years at Wesleyan School, Atlanta Georgia.

“Good topic for children who get up grumpy or whiny during the day. A nap is a good thing most of the time. I liked the rhymes as they are vivid and flow nicely.”
Scott Holohan, Engineer and father. Gahanna, OH.

“We loved your books! It’s truly a gift when you can reach a four year old as well as a twelve year old with the same story! Thanks.”
Susan Ryan, Victor, NY

“Rhyming books are my favorites. I particularly liked this book because of the simplicity of the text and the power of the message. I will be purchasing this one for my granddaughter (kindergarten) who is just starting to read. George reminds me of several children I know. Thank you for your wonderful storytelling.”
Vaughn Gagne, Librarian, Wilton Free Library Wilton. Maine

“We received “The Wrong Side of the Bed” last night and my wife read it to my eight year old son at bed time. He enjoyed the book so much he took it with him to school today and had the teacher read it to the class. He read it again an third time during free reading and he wants me to read it again tonight. The rhythm of the poetry and the use of easily readable words have made it an instant favorite. The brightness and the use of color over the entire page capture interest as well as invoking the imagination. Over the years, we’ve read a few books enough times to memorize the words. It looks like this may be another one we will know by heart.”
Adam Tallinger, Clinical Pharmacist Salem, Oregon


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Wrong Side of the Bed
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You know it's going to be a bad day when little George gets up on The Wrong Side of the Bed. Told in rhyming couplets, this humorous slice of family life underscores the consequences of starting off one's day on a sour note. It clearly illustrates the impact of attitude on how we see the world around us.