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Testimonials for The First Gift of Christmas

 "The First Gift of Christmas has become a Christmas time classic for our family. Six year old David's security blanket becomes a gift for the Christ Child on that cold night in Bethlehem. From the miracle that follows for his little sister Veronica, up to the emotional ending on the road to Calvary, this story is one that will always be remembered. Move over "Drummer Boy", step aside "Littlest Angel", because The First Gift of Christmas is a story that should be in every home. Would love to see it made into a movie." 
Mrs. Eileen Forte, Kiawah Island, SC

“William Guiffre’s The First Gift of Christmas is an enchanting parable about a blanket that makes its way in and out of the life of Jesus. Like the wonderful story about the fourth wise man, this fictional story conveys a reminder that the life of Jesus impacted many more people and events then were recorded in the Bible or are handed down to us by oral tradition. With little children we can only imagine who some of those people were and what those events might have been.”
The Most Rev. Robert J. Baker, S.T.D. Bishop Diocese of Charleston, SC    

The First Gift of Christmas is a Christian story translated for the young. It takes the wonderful Christmas story and gives it another view – from that of a young boy. Many children have a favorite toy or blanket that they have had from infancy and so it is easy for them to relate to David and his blanket. William Guiffre takes the Christmas story a step further in detailing what happens with the blanket after the Holy Family leaves the manger and continues on their journey. It is a story that teaches sharing, giving and loving in a gentle way that a young child can understand. This book would be suitable for any young child and it would be most appropriate at Christmas time when wanting and sharing gifts is sometimes difficult for youngsters. I would highly recommend this beautiful book.
The Most Reverend Matthew H. Clark Bishop Diocese of Rochester, NY

“William Guiffre has written a wonderful book that will enrich the imagination of children with a story that says so much about Jesus in the lives of us all.”
The Rev. James Parker, Pastor of Holy Spirit Church, Johns Island, SC 

“Just a note to tell you how much my kids and I enjoyed your books. I really appreciated the fact that you infused your two Christmas books with strong Christian themes. My favorite was “The First Gift of Christmas” It would have been a great book with it ending at David giving Veronica the blanket…but making the girl grow up to become Veronica of the Passion was really inspired! I loved that. We’ll read this at Christmas for years. I hope to add more titles by you to our home library. As you know I do illustrations as well as editorial cartooning. I wish I had the time to work with talented authors like yourself.”
Steve Breen, Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist for the San Diego Union Tribune and creator of the syndicated comic strip “Grand Avenue”.

I am delighted to add my endorsement to so many others who have recognized your messages of love and encouragement found in “The First Gift of Christmas” and "Angelita’s Song.” Your books reflect clearly the great love our Heavenly Father has for all His children and they teach little ones the value of putting others first throughout life. They will be a treasured part of our Christmases for years to come as my wife and I want our children to learn these valuable lessons. It is good for all of us to be reminded of their importance for adults as well. I heartily recommend your books for children of all ages.
Rick Santorum, United States Senator, Pennsylvania

“Dr. Guiffre has given children a wonderful gift with his book, “The First Gift of Christmas”. All children can relate to this heartwarming story of giving a gift of love that keeps on giving. It’s a book that imparts a very important message to an early reader.”
Barbara Quinn-Anderson, Third Grade teacher for 17 years at Wesleyan School, Atlanta, Georgia

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to review The First Gift of Christmas. William Guiffre has told a very creative story that speaks both to a child’s security attachment to a blanket, youthful altruism that grows into generosity of spirit, and the healing force of that good will. The way he blends Christmas and Easter is profoundly constructive, though Catholic Christians will recognize Veronica far more readily than will Protestants. Veronica is known predominantly through the Stations of the Cross, a tradition kept by Roman Catholics and some High Church Anglicans but not by those of the left wing of the Reformation (like us Baptists!). The illustrations are very effective, colorful and bright with detail. Young readers will find this book very attractive as will parents who read to their children as a way of sharing the faith. Of course as a member of the emergency services community, I am deeply grateful for the dedication.
The Reverend Dr. W. Kenneth Williams, Pastor First Baptist Church of Rochester, NY

As a Christian whose experience does not include the legend of St. Veronica, I was touched by your story that embodies both the birth and death of Jesus and gives us hope for now and the future. As a librarian, I am delighted by the prospect of putting this book into the hand of readers of all ages.
Pamela Wolfanger, Librarian Town of Marion, NY

My review is from two different vantage points: for the wonderful Christmas story that it is, and also from the vantage point of a mother who had a child that had a favorite security “bunny”. David learned to share his love and Jesus’ love as well as his blanket with his sister. This book will be a gift to any child who needs help with parting with something so loved, to help another. Thank you for your wonderful storytelling.
Mrs. Vaughan Gagne, Librarian, Wilton Free Public Library, Wilton, Maine.

“My six year old really enjoyed this book especially since she has a special blanket too! This has a great message and giving up a blanket really is the ultimate gift for a child that age.” 
Maureen Ryan Wolfe, Victor, NY.

“This book, The First Gift of Christmas, is a rare gem among books for all ages. As my granddaughter and I read it together on Christmas Day, we were both filled with love and the real spirit of Christmas. If you want your children and grandchildren to be really happy, give them this book.”
Nancy Browne, mother of nine, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Hard Cover  ISBN: 978-1-931650-21-2  $17.95
 Paperback  ISBN: 978-1-931650-33-0  $9.95 

Children will enjoy this delightful story of the innkeeper's son in Bethlehem and his gift to Baby Jesus. The events surrounding the birth of Jesus are uniquely tied in with His death and resurrection in this a story of one child's love for another.Type your paragraph here.

The First Gift of Christmas
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