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Gramma’s Glasses has been accepted by the Accelerated Readers’ Program for early elementary school use.

Testimonals for Gramma's Glasses

Gramma’s Glasses is charming….appeals to the diversity issue in the names used for children. 
Marion B. Schoenheit, Elementary Principal, West Genesee School District; Director of Elementary Education, Liverpool School District; Professor of Education, State University of New York, Oswego. Retired

The school children absolutely loved Gramma’s Glasses…a delightful, amusing, interesting story that has appeal to the young child and to the parent. Illustrations embellish the story in a compatible context. As an elementary consultant, I would recommend this book as part of classroom libraries. I can visualize this book being read over and over again. Congratulations! 
Constance T. Hall, Reading Specialist/Consultant, Board of Education, Norwalk, Connecticut.

A delightful book! I am anxious for our preschool story hour to begin this fall so I can read the book to our children here in Marion…a warm and cuddly book for children. 
Pam Wolfanger, Library Manager, Marion, New York Public Library.

I found the story not only one that young people enjoy and relate to but also one that covers several instructional levels and concepts. The illustrations are delightful! I am anxiously awaiting your next book.
Barbara Kidd, Coordinator of Federal Programs, Troy City School District

Gramma’s Glasses captures the true joy and treasure of the relationship between grandma and her grandchildren. It is a treasure untouched by the hustle and bustle of our world but rather by sensitivity and spontaneity and true love. I think every grandma should own it. 
Nancy Johnstone,Teacher Multi-age K-2 Hilton central School District, Hilton, NY.

We love this book! As a grandmother for the past ten years, I have often misplaced my glasses while caring for my grandchildren. It has been fun sharing Gramma’s Glasses with them. The illustrations are delightful and the story is one we all can relate to. Thanks for a good book!
Carol Oram, Social Work Administrator, Sudbury, MA.

“Since Stu and I seem to spend half of our time looking for things that have “disappeared” (for no apparent reason-ha!) Gramma’s Glasses really hit home! It is a fun book with delightful illustrations. The grand children really enjoy it.”
Stu and Carol Norris, “Professional Grandparents” Fairport, New York

“A page turner for Kids! Anyone who wears glasses can enjoy and relate to the story. The graphics are cheerful, bright, and colorful. There are numerous ways the book could be used in the school environment in reading, writing and art projects.
Dr. Bernie Gross, retired middle school principal. Oak Hill, Va.

“I loved this one! The rhyme scheme is so catchy, my four year-year-old wants “to read” it over and over. Thank you for sharing your family with us”
Susan Ryan, Grade eight Language Arts teacher, Lawrenceville, Georgia

Gramma's Glasses tells the story of Gramma who is always misplacing her glasses. There are some very unusual places her grandchildren suggest she look for them. Presented in verse, with full color illustrations, Gramma's whimsical tale is appropriate for toddlers through grade three.Type your paragraph here.

Gramma's Glasses
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