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Testimonials for Eddie the Elf Who Would Be Elvis

Creatively written and beautifully illustrated this children’s book reveals the timeless gift of love found in Christmas. Santa expects that his elves enjoy working for the joy found in Christmas in the hearts of children…but one Elf wants to do it his way. With a dream of making it “BIG” Eddie Elf sets on a path all-his-own and ends up in Memphis, Tennessee competing in an Elvis impersonation contest. He devises a self interested plan but is stopped by Santa himself and has a change of heart true towards the meaning of Christmas which allows Eddie reach the true “BIG” dream he has longed for. A lovely story and a source of encouragement for children to dream big and reach their goals by being true to themselves, as grand as they may be, Eddie the Elf Who Would be Elvis is a wonderful Christmas treasure and true gift to share with your young ones.Blessings, 
Rev. Brian C. Cool, J. Nelson and Joan Dutcher Hoffman ’55, Director of Catholic Pastoral Care, University of Rochester

This delightful little Christmas tale explores the desires of one little elf versus the desires or many children. Eddie has a dream, to enter an Elvis impersonator contest, but how will he ever afford it? That's when he comes up with a plan, but in his rush to fulfill his own dream, he may jeopardize the dreams of all the children in the world. This sweet book engages its young readers in a moral dilemma about how important our needs are and how that measures up against the needs of others. It explores forgiveness in a way that even young children can appreciate. It is a lovely story and would make a nice Christmas present for young children.
Mary Lou Rosien, RCIA Coordinator, OSV columnist and Author of Managing Stress with the Help of your Catholic Faith and Catholic Family Boot Camp.

"Eddie adds the right amount of humor to teach many lessons. It will be a favorite year round story for my grand children to enjoy. I am delighted to have another book by Bill Guiffre on my library shelf". 
Mary Lamphear, Inlet, N.Y.  Mother, Grandmother, Postmaster

"This story is both cute, and fundamental about how hard it is to learn how to do the right thing! But Eddie does learn his lesson and Christmas can go on!" 
Joan Duquette, Yuma, AZ. Grandmother, BS/CVT

"Children will laugh at the humor in Eddie the Elf while learning important life lessons in kindness, forgiveness, righting a wrong, and not giving up on your dreams". 
Linda Seymour, Champlain, N.Y., Librarian, Saint Mary's Elementary School

"No one will have a “Blue Christmas” if they read, Eddie, the Elf Who Would Be Elvis!  Once again, William Guiffre’s gift for blending humor with important life lessons shines through.  This lighthearted tale about being true to oneself (while making sure it’s not at anyone else’s expense) is sure to become a Christmastime favorite for both the young and the young at heart." 
Fr. Joseph Giroux, Pastor, Malone Catholic Parishes, Malone, NY

Hard Cover  ISBN: 978-0-9830172-02-2   $17.95
 Paperback  ISBN: 978-0-9830172-0-2   $9.95 

When Santa's other elves are busy making toys, elf Eddie is making plans to enter a contest for Elvis Presley imitators at the super star's Tribute Event in Memphis. Can Eddie reach his dream without creating a Christmas nightmare for children around the world?

Eddie The Elf Who Would Be Elvis
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