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Testimonials for Angelita's Song

I am delighted to add my endorsement to so many others who have recognized your messages of love and encouragement found in “The First Gift of Christmas” and “Angelita’s Song.” Your books reflect clearly the great love our Heavenly Father has for all His children and they teach little ones the value of putting others first throughout life. They will be a treasured part of our Christmases for years to come as my wife and I want our children to learn these valuable lessons. It is good for all of us to be reminded of their importance for adults as well. I heartily recommend your books for children of all ages.                                                                                                                                                                         Rick Santorum, United States Senator,  Pennsylvania. 

This is a captivating story about overcoming a great loss. Angelita’s Song is a Christian story about the birth of Christ as seen through the eyes of God’s smallest angel. When Angelita’s greatest wish seems lost forever, she perseveres with the help of her faith to find joy and fulfillment in a job well done. A great lesson for children of all ages told in a lovely whimsical way. 
Arla Lawson, owner of “The Rainbow Connection Preschool” in  Murrysville, PA.

Just a note to tell you how much my kids and I enjoyed your books. Your two Christmas stories are infused with strong Christian themes, and Angelita, the littlest angel, is adorable. We will read it at Christmas for years, I am sure. I do illustrations as well as my editorial cartooning and I wish I had time to work with talented authors like yourself. I hope to add more titles by you to our home library. 
Steve Breen, Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist for the San Diego Union Tribune and syndicated comic strip creator of  â€śGrand Avenue”.

William Guiffre brings another holiday tradition to life in his newest book, Angelita’s Song.  In the captivating story about God’s smallest angel, with the biggest voice, Angelita learns that God holds wonderful plans for her future if she will only trust His timing and grace. Guiffre uses Angelita exquisitely to remind us all of the resounding joys of the Christmas season and how what little we have is often enough should we be daring to use it as intended by God. Excellent illustrations celebrate the diversity of the  Kingdom of  God.                                                                                                

Rev. Brian Cool, Chaplain and Director of the Newman Community of the University of  Rochester, NY.

Don’t let anyone fool you, William Guiffre’s books are not children’s books; they’re for grown-ups. Yes, children can read and enjoy them too, but any 30-something will experience a thrill of identification in his books, a feeling the stories are meant for ME, a stirring of a soul grown tepid in this cold, mercenary world. “Angelita’s Song” hit me squarely in the heart. I don’t have much talent, I’m not a great leader, I often fall down and get hurt, but somewhere, somehow the Lord has a plan for me. What a great thought, a wondrous idea, an idea overflowing with hope, a thought any grown-up will appreciate! What’s particularly nice is preschoolers also can appreciate and grow on that thought. May God bless the author. 
Reverend Leon R. Wagner, Pastor Emeritus Saint Mary’s Catholic Parish, Riverside,  Illinois.

Angelita's Song
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Hard Cover  ISBN: 978-1-931650-30-4   $17.95 or                                                                                          $21.95 with CD

Paperback   ISBN: 978-1-931650-36-5     $9.95 

Angelita, the littlest angel in Heaven, has long wanted to be a messenger to Earth. When the Father hears Angelita singing, He selects her to train the angel choirs for the birth of His Son. Angelita's determination, with an assist from the Father, enables her to touch Earth in a very special way.